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About Insights Discovery and our products

Insights Discovery is our transformational experience for learners all over the world. It brings psychology to life in an accessible, practical model that shows people how understanding themselves better can make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond. Based on four colours, Insights Discovery helps individuals learn more about their preferred behaviours, the strengths they bring and the challenges they’re likely to face. The best thing about Insights Discovery is that it shows us how we prefer to act - or the space we’re most comfortable in – but it reminds us that personality is fluid; every individual can draw on their less inclined behaviours to handle the demands of specific situations. But they can only do this when they’re self-aware…

All of our learning journeys start with Insights Discovery and self-awareness – it’s the foundation on which all other human skills are built. 

The building blocks to your success

Our follow-on products apply the Insights Discovery methodology – with all of its memorability and accessibility – to specific challenge areas, including teamwork, leadership, resilience and more. Find out more about all of our products and how they help people build the skills they need to succeed at work.


Insights Explore

Appeal to the needs of the modern learner with instant, bite-sized content, in a sustainable tool. Designed for simple, scalable application in your organisation.

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Team effectiveness

Effective teams are the building blocks of successful organisations. Help teams find their zone and deliver their best performance, with a product that ensures focus and promotes cohesion.

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Sales effectiveness

Help your sales staff understand their unique style, learn how to influence their customers at each stage of the buying cycle, and contribute to the overall performance of their team.

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Future World of Work

What does your ideal world of work look like?

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New World, New Me

Who do you want to be in the future world of work?

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Rediscover yourself

Rediscover who you are through colour

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