Future of Teams

How hybrid working is changing the way teams connect, collaborate and perform

The role of the corporate office is changing, the technology available is advancing, the skills in demand are shifting, and even the concept of a working day is dissolving. It’s been a tremendous revolution in the where, what and how of working, and as a result, teams are evolving. Hybrid working has altered the way individuals connect and collaborate with each other, shifting the way a team works together and ultimately how they perform too.So, as organisations and leaders, how do we set up our teams for success? How do we nurture them through change, and empower them for a future we don’t yet have sight of? And as employees and team members, how do we contribute to that success?

In the new world of work, teams are becoming more fluid and flexible. Individuals now have multiple touch points into various teams, making them part of a much wider organisational eco-system. And while teamwork is seen as a key ingredient in the recipe to success, it’s perhaps not been fully appreciated as being fundamental to workplace wellbeing, collaboration efforts and hybrid working practices.


Now is the time for stretching what teamwork looks like – flexing across different workplaces, borders and technologies - to understand the human skills and relationship building that are required to successfully navigate hybrid working as a team.
Whether it’s embracing technology as part of the team, designing your office for inclusion, or getting to grips with hybrid team collaboration – our resource hub has been curated to explore these topics and help you to shape the future of your own teams.

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Collaboration in a hybrid workplace

Learn how organisations can support effective team collaboration in our latest report.

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Team development: 3 steps to building a strong team

In this eBook we will show you in 3 steps how you can build your team and move your organisation forward.

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Five ways to use ‘Superteams’ thinking

Explore how pairing teams with technology allows people to use more of their human skills.

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Whether you want to take deep dive into explorative content asking the big questions, or learn some quick wins for embracing teamwork today, this topic section on our website is dedicated to teams, teamwork, and team effectiveness in a world of work that is changing fast. Bookmark the articles for reading or share a top tips list with your team; our topic section is here to help you drive, shape, and be the successful team you need to be in the future world of work.

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Intentional Collaboration in the hybrid workplace

Find out why intentional collaboration needs to be the centre of your strategy and how to do it?

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Bluecrux: Onboarding talent with Insights Discovery

Case study
Young talents attend a bootcamp where they work together intensively to develop their human skills.

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6 tips voor effectief hybride teamwork

6 top tips for effective hybrid team collaboration

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Learn how Insights can support your teams in the new world of work using our hybrid-friendly solutions

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